Practice Areas

Charles Johnston & Ada Hammond have over 25 years of experience in representing clients across a broad spectrum of complex civil trial litigation cases.  The firm’s key areas of concentration include personal injury, commercial litigation, insurance litigation, employment law and appellate work, at both the state and federal level.  Each of these practice areas are characterized by a number of potential situations and causes of action. Cases handled by the firm in each area of practice, include:

Personal Injury <click to see more
Personal injury cases are, by nature, frequently complex and demanding to prosecute. Personal injury claims most often arise from situations that cause physical injury, emotional distress, death, or property damage. Attorneys at Johnston & Hammond aggressively represent individuals who have been harmed or suffered loss due to the negligent action of businesses or other individuals. They are experienced in representing individuals’ rights against large companies and their defense attorneys, and in bringing personal injury cases to a favorable conclusion through either settlement or trial – whatever is in the best interest of their client. They are adept at guiding clients through the complicated and, often, prolonged legal process required by personal injury claims. The firm of Johnston & Hammond handles personal injury and wrongful death claims on a contingency fee basis, receiving a fee only if money is recovered for the client. (See our FAQ on personal injury law questions)

Commercial and Insurance Litigation <click to see more
Attorneys at Johnston & Hammond are both knowledgeable and experienced in the complexities of commercial litigation. Their knowledge, coupled with years of experience in representing the interests of individuals and businesses involved in commercial disputes or controversies, positions these attorneys to provide a wide range of clients with effective and professional representation. Among other commercial litigation situations, the firm handles the resolution of contractual, competitive or operational disputes between partners, officers or shareholders. Other areas of commercial litigation handled by the firm include fraud, shareholder disputes, and real estate litigation. Disputes of this nature are frequently resolved through careful and skillful negotiation; however, when a favorable result cannot be reached in this manner, Charles Johnston and Ada Hammond have the necessary background to forcefully represent clients’ interests before state and federal courts. (See our FAQ on commercial and insurance law questions)

Employment Law <click to see more
Charles Johnston and Ada Hammond believe that all employees have the right to a safe and psychologically healthy work environment. They have the experience and background to provide services related to a wide range of employment issues. Cases of this nature handled by the firm include wrongful termination, minimum wage and overtime issues, unpaid wages and commission disputes, racial and sexual discrimination, age discrimination and retirement income claims, breach of contract, employee benefit disputes, contract disputes, non-compete agreements, separation and severance issues, Family and Medical Leave Act disputes, slander and defamation, sexual harassment claims and whistle blower protection. (See our FAQ on employment law questions)

Appellate Law <click to see more
If an individual believes the verdict or judgment rendered after a trial is not based on the evidence or law, he or she generally has the right to appeal such rulings. Appellate courts do not retry cases or hear new evidence, but rather they review what occurred in the trial court to verify that proper procedures were maintained and that the law was correctly applied to the facts supported by the evidence. The appellate court’s sole role is to determine whether grounds exist to justify reversing the ruling which is the subject of the appeal. Charles Johnston and Ada Hammond have extensive, successful experience in handling appeals at both the state and federal level.  (See our FAQ on appellate law questions)

Practice Areas

Personal Injury
Commercial and Insurance Litigation
Employment Law
Appellate Law

Firm Fees

Charles Johnston & Ada Hammond represent clients in personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis (fee is paid from the recovery in the case).  In other types of litigation, a fee of $250 is charged for an initial consultation which provides the client with a professional opinion on their legal rights and alternatives.  The fee for any continued representation (after the initial consultation) is determined based upon the particular facts of the case.