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-Defective Products
-Automobile and Trucking Accidents/Vehicular Negligence
-Premises Liability
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Personal injury cases are, by nature, frequently complex and demanding to prosecute. Personal injury claims most often arise from situations that cause physical injury, emotional distress, death, or property damage. 
Attorneys at Johnston & Hammond aggressively represent individuals who have been harmed or suffered loss due to the negligent action of businesses or other individuals. 
They are experienced in representing individuals’ rights against large companies and their defense attorneys, and in bringing personal injury cases to a favorable conclusion through either settlement or trial – whatever is in the best interest of their client. 
They are adept at guiding clients through the complicated and, often, prolonged legal process required by personal injury claims. 
The firm of Johnston & Hammond handles personal injury and wrongful death claims on a contingency fee basis, receiving a fee only if money is recovered for the client.


Personal Injury Practice Area

Wrongful Death

When injuries caused by negligence or misconduct result in death, surviving dependents and heirs have the right to recover damages for both the pain suffered by the victim, as well as the loss of income their death represents. At Johnston & Hammond we are aware and sensitive to the financial struggle that frequently arises from the death of a key wage earner in the family. We work to assist clients in this situation in as timely and meaningful a manner possible, and to obtain compensation that is commensurate with the case and circumstances.


Defective Products

Product liability claims arise when products, due to their design or intended use, are unsafe and cause injury, illness or death to consumers. Suits of this nature typically seek recovery form the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and others who participated in the manufacturing and distribution of defective products. The category of products that may cause harm is extremely diverse and includes, but is not limited to, medical devices and implants, machinery, toys, appliances, automobiles and auto parts, drugs, sporting goods, food products and tobacco. Charles Johnston and Ada Hammond are experienced in investigating and litigating these complex liability cases – across the wide span of potentially dangerous and defective products./p>


Motor Vehicle Accidents/Negligence

Motor vehicle accidents are prevalent today, and all too frequently result in serious injury and death to passengers and drivers. Charles Johnston and Ada Hammond represent individuals and families injured due to all types of motor vehicle accidents -- including those involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and other commercial vehicles. The firm’s practice also includes the handling of claims that arise from pedestrians injured by motor vehicles and accidents caused by drunk drivers, and representing claims for uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits (UM). In addition to the pain and disability of physical injuries, people injured in motor vehicle accidents often face the financial pressure of hospital bills, medical expenses, and lost income. At Johnston & Hammond, attorneys do everything possible to protect their clients’ rights and help them get the relief and compensation they need and deserve. /p>


Premises Liability

Claims that fall under the category of premises liability are often known as "Slip & Fall" or "Trip & Fall." This arises when a property owner fails to prevent or remedy hazardous or unsafe conditions, or provide adequate security on their premises. Other situations that may result in a premises liability claim include construction site accidents, pool accidents, and dog bites. The firm has experience in representing the rights and interests of individuals who have been harmed by this type of negligence -- typically in commercial settings such as apartment buildings or retail establishments.