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Appellate Law

What is Appellate Law?

What are some key requirements for appealing a decision?

Commercial and Insurance Litigation

What is a contract?

When does a breach of contract occur?

What are my remedies in the event there is a breach?

What legal remedies do I have if my insurance company won't pay my claim or won't pay what I think the claim is worth?

What does the duty of ‘good faith’ on the part of insurance companies involve?

Do damages for an insurer's bad faith go beyond what I would be entitled to under the contract?

Employment Law

What is employment discrimination?

Are there laws that can protect me from discrimination in my place of employment?

What should I do if I feel I have been discriminated against based on an issue such as race, religion, age, gender, etc.

Are there protections for the physically and mentally handicapped?

What is sexual harassment?

Personal Injury Law

How is the amount of damages suffered in a personal injury determined?

What is a "slip and fall"?

Suppose the other person's insurance company offers to settle with me?

What about "accidents" resulting from defective products?

What is premises liability?

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Appellate Law
Commercial and Insurance Litigation
Employment Law
Personal Injury

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