-Contract disputes
-Non-Competes (Covenants Not to Compete)
-Partnership Disputes
-Real Estate Litigation
-Insurance Litigation
-Deceptive Trade Practices
-Injunctive Relief – State and Federal
-Libel & Slander
-Shareholder Litigation

Attorneys at Johnston & Hammond are both knowledgeable and experienced in the complexities of commercial litigation.
 Their knowledge, coupled with years of experience in representing the interests of individuals and businesses involved in commercial disputes or controversies, positions these attorneys to provide a wide range of clients with effective and professional representation.
Among other commercial litigation situations, the firm handles the resolution of contractual, competitive or operational disputes between partners, officers or shareholders.
Other areas of commercial litigation handled by the firm include fraud, shareholder disputes, and real estate litigation.
Disputes of this nature are frequently resolved through careful and skillful negotiation; however, when a favorable result cannot be reached in this manner, Charles Johnston and Ada Hammond have the necessary background to forcefully represent clients’ interests before state and federal courts.

Commercial and Insurance Litigation

Contract, Management and Partnership Disputes

Johnston & Hammond represents public and closely held corporations, small businesses and individuals involved in contract disputes, management and corporate control issues,  shareholder appraisal rights, financial transactions and insurance coverage disputes. The firm also represents partnerships, partners and sole proprietors in similar types of commercial litigation, and is experienced in handling declaratory judgment actions, preliminary injunctions, alternative dispute resolution, arbitrations, and mediation proceedings in both state and federal courts.


Non-Competition Agreements (Covenants Not To Compete)

A non-competition agreement is a contract, either included in an overall employment contract or as a separate document, that generally states that the individual will not engage in the same type of business within a certain geographical or demographical district and during a specified time as their employer/partner should they leave their current job or dissolve their partnership. More specifically, non-competes are designed to protect employers/partners from an individual using knowledge gained from a company to the competitive detriment of that company. Johnston & Hammond provide counsel to businesses and individuals in non-compete agreement formation and represent clients in the issues that arise under non-compete agreements, including actions for injunctions and damages.


Real Estate Litigation

Charles Johnston and Ada Hammond represent individuals and businesses in matters involving the drafting of agreements for the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate, and in litigation involving breach of real estate purchase contracts, real estate brokerage agreements, and matters involving breach of real estate lease agreements between landlords and tenants.


Insurance Litigation

Our firm handles disputes involving all types of insurance, including property, health, disability, automobile, commercial and life policies. We represent individuals who need help with insurance coverage and disability claims disputes, or in processing their insurance claims. We also handle situations where there is what is known as “insurance bad faith.” This arises when an insurance company refuses to pay a claim that should be paid, offers to settle a claim for less than it knows the claim is worth, or denies a claim without adequate investigation.